Gillian has a wonderful approach to her coaching and has been a fantastic support, not only for my daughter who at 26 has recently been diagnosed with autism, but also for me as her Mother who has really struggled to understand everything associated with such a huge change. Gillian has gone above and beyond what she was paid to do as part of her services and it is clear she does what she does out of love and really wanting to help people. My daughter went to Gillian scared, confused and very negative about herself. She left empowered and seeing her disability as a super power which she can use to her advantage (now she knows how to). She had been long term unemployed and struggling to cope in the working environment, however with Gillian's help she has now secured a dream job in digital marketing that is fully aligned to her neuro needs and allows her to work in a way that works for her and allows her to shine. Gillian has done amazing and has been extremely inspirational to my daughter so I know she would've had a huge impact on so many others also.

Such a huge support to everyone! Thank you for making me feel seen, listened to and heard.

Gillian has selflessly given her time and energy to help autistic people but also to advocate for them. She is a great role model for our community. She understands our needs and how we are disabled by the world around us. Gillian has the patience and understanding to support the community but also the tenacity to fight for our rights and for us to be visible.

Gillian is a passionate and resolute mentor, counsellor, ally and campaigner for the rights, inclusion and equity of neurodivergent adults.

Gillian is truly dedicated and she goes the extra mile. I always look forward to our sessions as Gillian always helps me to cope and I feel so much better after the sessions. She also helps me understand myself and manage my emotions and stress.

Gillian doesn’t give up on anyone and helps them to reach their true potential. She is kind and non judgmental and is willing to listen to any worries. I couldn’t fault her at all. I’ve talked about some personal issues as I have severe and complex mental illness as well as being autistic and have physical health problems.

Gillian is there to listen with no judgement. She always helps me to feel better.

Gillian has a huge knowledge of neurodivergence and helps you to feel more ‘normal’ and understand how your mind works and how you could be helped to manage your difficulties and set backs. Overall an incredible woman who does amazing work.

For years I have struggled with my self-image and capabilities stemming from my Autism and dyslexia. Yet through Gillian Higgin’s persistent hard work and constant engagement, I have made huge steps forward and seen great positive changes both in myself and how I approach the world. Her abilities as a great listener and to sympathise and empathise are without question some of the best qualities I’ve ever seen!

Gillian worked with me as a Coach last year while I was going through significant changes at work. She helped me see how my Autism and ADHD were strengths, helping me plan for and manage the change, which ended up being successful! It helps a huge amount to have support from other Neurodivergent people and to learn from their experience and get a different perspective. Thank you Gillian.

Gillian has been a wonderful guide for me coming to terms with my autism diagnosis. She acts as an advocate for me and has helped me develop strategies to cope with living with a disability.

Simply put... Gillian has made an enormous difference to my life. As someone who is on the autism spectrum, I struggle with communication and the day to day interactions that are part of life. Though her mentoring, understanding, patience, support, and empathy Gillian has helped me improve my communication with others and given me several extremely helpful tools and techniques for facing new situations and people with increased confidence.

Gillian goes above & beyond in everything she does. A very talented lady.

I’ve been friends with Gillian for over 20 years and have seen first hand how deeply passionate, dedicated and committed she is to supporting, understanding and helping others who are neurodiverse or have mental health needs. As well as being incredibly intuitive and emotionally intelligent she has acquired significant academic skills to continuously develop herself to be able to do the same for others. Our many discussions over the years have developed my understanding and abled me to support other friends and particularly colleagues. Gillian is I think unaware of the full reach of influence but her compassion for others is radiant and inspiring. Whether you win an award or not Gillian keep shining as you always do as you bring light to others lives and help them to unlock their potential.

Gillian really helped my daughter through a challenging time after her autism diagnosis.

Gillian worked with me a few years back and I found her calm and supportive attitude very relaxing. Talking to her didn't feel like life coaching, it felt like friendship. She helped me gain confidence in my relationships with other people, and when I ran into hurdles at the start of my romantic relationship. She supported me in building the confidence to do things alone without social pressure and getting my first meaningful job.

Gillian is an amazing, supportive, informed lady. She understands special needs 200 million percent and works with no prejudice to anyone.

A caring and positive person who has a wealth of experience. Patient and reliable, Gillian will go the extra mile to support someone. Gillian gives her all and lets the other person reap the rewards.

Gillian is 100% working for the best of her clients, like myself.