For several years, I have been asked if I can recommend an organisation that completes autism and ADHD assessments. Due to the ever-growing NHS waiting lists, these enquiries are becoming more frequent.

I believe everyone deserves accessible and affordable assessments that are accepted by the NHS. It has been my mission to find organisation(s) that provide a high-quality diagnostic report and an easy diagnostic process. Plus, it was crucial to me that they are not jumping on the bandwagon for profit reasons because of the surge in demand for neurodivergent assessment. I have met with a number of organisations and have seen many redacted reports and with confidence I can now recommend an organisation that are providing a wonderful service. I have used them for a family member and referred clients and we have been extremely happy.

If you or anyone you know is looking for an autism assessment, ADHD assessment or a joint autism and ADHD assessment, adult or child, then please contact me and I can send a discount code.

It is a minefield out there at the moment, and I have worked with people who have paid £1000’s for an assessment that the NHS don’t recognise or accept.