About Gillian Higgin

Gillian Higgin is a highly skilled and dedicated Neurodivergent Coach and Consultant.

With a unique perspective from both a professional and personal standpoint, Gillian is dedicated to helping individuals embrace their neurodivergent strengths and achieve their goals.

She has a deep passion for supporting individuals with diverse neurological profiles. Drawing from her extensive background in coaching, education, and psychology, Gillian offers a unique perspective and valuable insights to help clients unlock their full potential. With a compassionate and strengths-based approach, Gillian is committed to creating a more inclusive and understanding world.

She has a MSc in Psychology, is a trained life coach and was previously a teacher and head of department within the education sector.

Gillian is also an Associate Coach and Neurodivergency Expert with Kirros Consulting and qualified RQi™ Practitioner. Kirros Consulting is a global consultancy specialising in employee wellbeing, resilience and performance.

Gillian's principles

Empowering individuals to embrace their unique strengths and abilities

Personal Growth



Creating an inclusive environment where everyone's voice is heard and valued

Supporting personal growth and development for neurodivergent individuals